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Renters Insurance

Home is where the heart is; a place where you store your valuables to keep them safe from theft and damage. With the right rental insurance policy, you will be able to protect your belongings if something terrible happens to it or the property you have rented. All Drivers Insurance is proud to help residents of Colorado to protect themselves against unexpected events that may lead to losses.

Coverage for Personal Possessions

Coverage for personal possessions protects you against losses resulting from fire, theft, and other events. This type of coverage covers your furniture, electronics, clothes, appliances, and tools, even if they are not in your home. However, you will have to get additional coverage for your jewelry and other valuable items.

Liability Protection

Liability coverage will ensure that you are protected if someone outside your household is injured and you are found to be at fault. For instance, if strong winds push off something from your balcony and it ends up bruising a neighbor, liability protection will come in handy if the injured individual decides to sue.

Medical Payments Coverage

There are times when someone may be injured while on your premises, requiring medical attention. If this happens to one of the guests you are hosting in your home, medical payments coverage will take care of any medical expenses. With this type of coverage, you will not have to worry about meeting the costs yourself.

ALE Coverage

Additional Living Expenses, also known as ALE coverage, offers financial protection when you have to relocate temporarily after an insured disaster has caused damage to your place. The coverage will meet the cost of hotel bills, temporary rentals, food, and other living expenses as your home is being rebuilt or repaired.

At All Drivers Insurance, we make it easy for you to purchase the right coverage for your needs. For home and auto insurance quotes, kindly use our online rating tool. If you are interested in purchasing Renters Insurance in Colorado, visit our offices or give us a call.

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