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Business Insurance

Starting and running a successful business is not easy. There are many business risks to consider and to overcome. This means that you need to be prepared. The best way to be prepared for any type of peril that your business runs into is by getting the necessary insurance. Business insurance, also known as commercial insurance, is an effective way to make sure that your company is fully covered should any incident happen.

Choosing Commercial Insurance

There are many types of commercial insurance policies to choose from depending on the nature of your business operations. If you have company cars, you need to get commercial auto insurance to avoid losses in the event of an accident. Remember that auto insurance is mandatory in Colorado, and drivers must meet the state’s auto liability requirements.

Coverage Options

As stated above, there are numerous commercial insurance options to consider. The most common types of commercial insurance are workers’ compensation, liability, and property insurance; all of which you’ll find at All Drivers Insurance in Colorado. You may want to add specialized coverages depending on your business.

  • Workers’ Compensation: This coverage pays for work-related injuries or illnesses. If you have employees, you must have this type of coverage.
  • Liability: This type of coverage protects your business from financial losses arising from lawsuits. If someone successfully sues your business for damages, the policy covers all related costs.
  • Property Insurance: If the business’s property or assets are lost or damaged by fire or any other listed perils, natural or humanmade, property insurance covers the losses.

Commercial insurance comes in many forms, depending on the line of business you are in. Workers comp, liability, and property insurance are standard across all industries. You can purchase commercial insurance that meets the needs of your business, no matter what they are, from All Drivers Insurance. Give us a call or visit our offices if you need more information on a commercial insurance policy.

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