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Motorcycle Insurance

All Drivers Insurance provides reliable and affordable motorcycle insurance for all Colorado residents. Motorcycle insurance will protect you against financial loss in case of an accident and can cover damages and injuries to third parties.

Colorado Motorcycle Insurance

Some things to keep in mind when looking for motorcycle insurance in the state of Colorado:

It is important to know what the state of Colorado considers a motorcycle. If a vehicle has three wheels or less, it is considered to be a motorcycle. A motor scooter can be viewed as a motorcycle, but the brake and the motor are important in making this determination about a scooter. Visit us today to find out more detailed information about what is considered a motorcycle.

State Legal Requirements

The state of Colorado also has legal requirements for your motorcycle insurance. You must have liability insurance. There is also a minimum amount of liability insurance for bodily injury and property damage that you must carry. These minimums are per person and accident. If you do not have insurance, or cannot provide proof of motorcycle insurance, this may lead to legal fees and fines if caught operating your vehicle.

The types of insurance for motorcycles vary. Beyond liability, there are coverage options for collisions, uninsured or underinsured, comprehensive, medical, and more. All Drivers Insurance highly suggests getting insurance that goes beyond the minimum limits required by the state to ensure that you will have enough money to repair, replace, or cover injuries during a motorcycle accident.

Our agents are ready to work with motorcycle riders around the state to ensure they have sufficient motorcycle insurance. Contact our Colorado offices to speak with one of our representatives for a quote and to learn more about how you can get started on a motorcycle insurance policy.

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